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Sweet pepper dropping flowers

my sweet pepper keeps dropping its flowers. I am growing it in the conservatory which has about 4 hours sunlight and so is not too hot, if it is we open the doors anyway, and tomatoes and cucumbers in there thrive! I regularly water keep it moist, as with all the other plants, by watering regularly into the tray they sit in and this is also how I feed as well.

Any ideas as I have yet to a pepper growing on it although there are still lots of flowers which have not dropped.


  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532

    You need to water from the top and don't let them sit in water all the time, peppers,sweet or hot need to be kept on the dryish side image

  • Derek9Derek9 Posts: 2

    Thanks for that. I have allowed them to dry out and they have started producing fruit ?

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