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Have you had Garden melt down before?

PerkiPerki Rossendale - LancashirePosts: 2,288

Well this week I,ve had a little melt down regarding my lawn / grass. I was getting really annoyed for quite a while that some grass wasnt matching colour wise with the rest of the lawn. ( petty I know )

I couldnt take it anymore so I just want out and dug it all out knowing full well I should of waited till the end of the season.

Now I,ve got some crazy pattern on the lawn which some people think is some form of art image, the fat wood pigeon trying to steal the grass seed now, plus the sparrows having a mud bath which refuse to move until I get within a few feet. 

I cant be alone regarding a garden melt down. someone must of do something they know their going to regret but do it anyway. 

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  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,545

    You are not alone peki,I pulled up all the lupins this week that the slugs damaged, they stressed me out big time looking at them!

    did you see tip for planting up patches on GW? Instead of feeding the wood pigeons with seed, montry sowed the seeds in trays and then planted out when they were little tufts.  Might work for you ?

  • PerkiPerki Rossendale - LancashirePosts: 2,288

    Dont get me started on slug damaged lupins image or my ammi majus image

    I wasnt really keen on Monty idea, I need rolls of turf but the local supplier didnt have any I wanted so went to plan B

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  • KT53KT53 GloucestershirePosts: 7,552

    I'm going into melt down through not being able to get on with the garden.  We went away for a week and came back 10 days ago.  The weeds had obviously waited until I turned my back and then invited all their mates overimage  It's hardly stopped raining since we got back so the opportunity to get the borders cleared has been very limited.  It's driving me nuts.

    Weather forecasts don't help either.  Look in the morning and it's going to improve tomorrow, look again in the evening and it's rain tomorrow, improving the day after.  Repeat as necessary.

  • Missy KrissyMissy Krissy Posts: 249

    Same here... Melt down after melt down.... Slug damaged rudbeckia - whipped them out the other day and launched them into the compost then three hours later felt remorseful so decided to rescue them and plant them some where else (where hopefully slugs will leave them alone but now I've angered the gods and mother nature for rippung them out I doubt they'll flourish - my bad!).

    Dont even get me started on grass and lack there of - have a HUGE bald patch it makes me want to gouge my own eyes out every time I look at it.............    image

  • Missy KrissyMissy Krissy Posts: 249

    Top tip thanks Aym! This patch needs serious work, it's compacted clay soil with roots of trees running through it.  I've been trying to ignore it but alas now were in the garden almost 24/7 it's glaring at me continuously!! 

  • Pink lilyPink lily Posts: 175

    Perki, at least you have grass.    I'm 6 weeks into levelling the garden, all turf lifted, stones and weeds all picked out, sand and manure dug in, most of the retaining walls and new stairs built......but its been raining for days now and I can't get anything done.  Had a full on diva-strop meltdown yesterday. Sick of looking at a giant mud pit that should by now have lovely new turf  on it and feeling sorry for all the seedlings that should by now be planted in the raised flower beds that have yet to be built.   I had a wee cry, then gave myself a severe talking to and pulled myself together image  Sunshine forcast for tomorrow, so I will be taking the day off from the office and working my butt off in the garden.   My new mantra.....I WILL HAVE LOVELY FLAT GRASS THIS YEAR!!!

  • I had a proper meltdown back in February/March. I had to dig up the borders by the fence, edge and put in a gravel and paving stones path. I knew it was going to be hard work and i had to get it done while we had works done on the house so i could use the skip. It went very well for a couple of hours and then i realised i was going to struggle big time: turns out there was an old soakaway just where my border was going to go ?????? Plus it was raining. I was crying and raging as i was digging out the stones and @&£#*^}# that was burried and then had to struggle in the mud to remove the thick membrane from the bottom of the hole. My builder took pity of me and left the skip a bit longer. Husband said there was no way i could get it done in time... More crying and raging, and now i had to prove him wrong! I was done with one day to spare ?

    Good luck Pink lily!

  • Pink lilyPink lily Posts: 175

    thanks Julie, I need lots of luck!     You sound a bit like me, being told I can't/won't be able to do something just makes me more determined in the long run,  and a good cry often makes me feel much better about everything image

  • Ha ha. I don't cope very well when things don't go my way. I blame the gene pool, surely stubborn mediterranean and breton blood can't give a tranquil character... (That's my excuse and i'll stick with it ?). I cry and rage, then calm down and find a way to make it work. Repeat until it's done and i'm happy again.  

    More luck coming your way...

  • Yes, i'm French, with a good dose of Italian blood on mum's side ?

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