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So sadly my Dad passed away at the end of last year. All the family were there and in his final moments as we all paniked telling him we loved him my brother reassuringly told him that I'd cut his hedges and he'd cut his grass!!! in a very sad moment this made us all laugh through our tears. My Dad a keen gardener for many years never let anyone touch his hedge or his grass!  So as it's Fathers day today I though it would be fitting to make good on this promise. I have however not done such a great job and it's now gone from being lovely and straight to about a foot higher at one end than the other with some wee bumps for good measure along the way! What's the best way to fix this?  

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    Let it grow back and keep practising! image 

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    Well it's not bad for a first attempt. Thankfully it's privet (?) and will take a lot of abuse so it'll grow back in no time.

    Maybe for next time you could get a piece of wood at the height you require and check as you go along. In order to make it straight right now the only thing you can do is make it level with the lowest point. The risk then is that you night run off again and ....you know the rest. image


    Have a wee look at this. Notice too that he's up level working at the hedge. I can't tell from your avatar if you're male or female but I find cutting hedges makes my arms go to spaghetti! If you're working above your head you're fighting the weight of the clippers too so that won't help. image

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  • Thank you for the advice and encouraging words. You are to kind ? I'm female which is why we laughed that my brother volunteered me for for the hedge cutting!!  Yes my arms kiĺled. I'll have a look, thanks for the link. 

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    I was going to suggest a job swop (but I wasn't sure if you were a girl).

    Seriously it's no joke cutting a hedge. Because of the difference in our centres of gravity (to allow for pregnancy) women aren't designed to work above their heads. That's why when a man paints a ceiling it's no problem, when a woman does it she ends up in spasm from the waist up!!! Strength does come into it but not as much as you'd think.

    Get a decent platform. Check local auctions, freecycle, gumtree, whatever's big in your area. I got one of those ladders with optional platform for £20. It's not as heavy duty as this one but perfectly servicable.


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    Canes and string will also do a good job for getting a nice straight line if it's something you struggle with.

    Don't worry - once you've done it a few dozen times you'll be very competent and won't need a string...image

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    I've often thought of using string FG because my ground is a bit sloped but how do you stop yourself cutting through it? I had visions of very very bad knitting. image 

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    Oh dear. I used to cut my parents forsythia hedge as a teenager, if I got it wrong I got wrath of dad!

    Found it to check regularly (great excuse for a rest too). Also agree with being height of what your cutting. Back in the day that was a wooden chair and dad's shears. 

    It's not too bad and will grow out soon

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    You just keep checking it by standing back every so often ppauper, and keeping a steady hand.  Good exercise, going up and down the ladders  image

    I did all my own hedges, and did my Dad's for a number of years - beech and conifer - and his were monstrous. Ladders plus an attachment on the hedge clippers, and even then it was a struggle to get across them. I didn't use a string as I'm not bad at getting things straight by eye.

    The top should be narrower than the base - not a right angle D'House. It lets the whole hedge get more light and prevents the bottom getting sparse.

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    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

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    Personally, I think wonky is great! image

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