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Plants or Weeds ?

sooty5sooty5 Posts: 107

Can you identify these plants please ,am i growing weeds or something wondrous ?image imageimage    Is that one  a verbascum ?imageimage  The green plant in the foreground . Thank You 


  • Looks like you have figwort (No. 1), golden rod (2 & 5). Both considered "weeds" by some. Not sure about 3 & 4.on second thoughts 2 might be Verbena hastata. 

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,263

    3 looks like a Campanula of some description and 4 could be a Verbascum.

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  • sooty5sooty5 Posts: 107

    Thanks Ladybird4 and Nut , you know so much .

  • sooty5sooty5 Posts: 107

    Not sure that 4 is a verbascum can anyone throw some light on it 

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