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DYLDYL Posts: 67

When I moved in my house last year I had this tall shrub/bush which was just wood with no vegetation. It didn't look too healthy but I waited to see what it turned out to be.

Recently it flowered and is very pretty! The trouble is the majority of the plant is woody without any leaves growing on it.

Can you please ID it and advise on if it's possible to get it back to a healthy specimen again at some point?

It is currently around 6-7ft tall.



  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,904

    I think it's a philadelphus.

    When I moved here I had a similar one about 8ft high with flowers on the very end of the branches. I cut it down to about a foot high (and untangled the bindweed and brambles) . It didn't flower the following year but this year it is about 3ft high with leaves all over and loads of flower buds.

    Your's has just been neglected for a while but once you get it back on track you can follow a proper pruning regime and it won't get leggy like that again. Unfortunately it'll mean a bit of a wait but it'll be worth it. The fragrance is great too. image

    This might help. You're looking for the renovate part.

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