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Established Acer Tree

imagewe have recently moved into a new home. I have never done any gardening in my life. we have this lovely Acer. its getting more out of shape by the week. How do I prune this? Is there a certain place to chop the stems? How much can I remove? I know zero about gardening so please speak in baby terms!!

thand very much


  • That's really useful thankyou! a telescopic tool should do the trick, I'm not sure i'd be as effective on some stepladders with a pair of scissors!

    Your tree looks lovely

  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,249

    I'd recommend waiting until mid-winter if you're going to do anything other than give it a minor hair-cut. Acers do bleed when cut, so always best to wait until your tree is completely dormant.

    One of mine in all its glory -


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