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Distorted clematis bud

Hi everyone.

Can someone shed some light in what is wring with this madam julia clematis? A lot of the buds are disfigured.

This one has lumps on it..In the middle of the lumps are black dots. Here's a pic if it helps.image


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,199

    Hi Michael - not sure I can help but, if nothing else, it bumps the thread up and someone else may offer some good advice. image

    A few questions though - what are the conditions like that your clematis is planted in - ie, dampness and type of  soil?  Where is it sited? Is it in the ground or in a pot? Are there any noticeable signs of insect damage? How does the foliage look?  

    The answers may help to ID the issue. 

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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • Michael199Michael199 Posts: 175

    Thanks Fairy girl.

    Growing up a wooden ladder against a fence...North facing.

    The foliage looks in good condition. There's a nibble or two but hardly any. There is a strange squiggle on a leaf. I got a few pics here...imageimageimageimageimage

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    The squiggly thing is caused by a leaf miner which lives inside the leaf and eats the inside.  They cause very little damage but you can just pick off affected leaves.  The bud damage may have been caused by aphids when they were smaller or some other sap-sucking insect.  Earwigs are another possibility.  Try going out at night with a torch - most of the critters prefer feeding at night.

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  • Michael199Michael199 Posts: 175

    Thanks BobTheGardener.

    A leaf miner. Haven't had those before! 

    I'll pick off the affected leaves and keep an eye on those buds.. some of which will open any day now I think.

  • imageI

    Alba Luxurians

     I thnk your Madame Julia Correvon will have green blotches on the flowers when they open, this is common on some of the early flowers on the Viticella Group clematis, some people say it is due to coldness at the time the early buds are forming. Later blooms will be OK.

    2 cultivars, Alba Luxurians and Caerulea Luxurians ( now known as Luxuriant Blue ) are renowned for this and this does tend to make the plant more attractive, flower arrangers love the white and green flowers on the Alba Luxurians.

  • Michael199Michael199 Posts: 175

    Yes it does look good on white flowers Richard. Last year the first flower of the season on the Madame Julia had the green on the petals but it doesn't look so good on the red wine petals of the Julia. Hope to be able to post pics when in full bloom soon.

  • image

    Viticella Group Dark Eyes showing deformed flower, picture taken 5 minutes ago.

  • Michael199Michael199 Posts: 175

    Yes that's how last year's looked and there's more to come by the looks of it. On the plant stem to the left that powdery mildew or just discolouration on the stem? I have the same.

  • Dark Eyes is growing through pink rose Aloha, the marks are from my home made spray concoction of Systhane and Decis.

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