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Acer Palmatum keeps dying back

Jase91Jase91 Posts: 5

Hi everyone, 

hope you know more about this than me. Fairly new to gardening but i have raised beds either side of my garden with a fairly large acer in each with other bits and bobs. After being fine for around 2 years, last year one of them never grew new leaves after winter over the right half of the tree. the affected branches went a pale silvery colour. not knowing what to do i just chopped them off as i could see what looked like a stress split down the trunk. Now my other acer on the opposite side of the garden has done the same only this time around 90% of the tree has not got leaves and is silvery. Some tiny stems have sprouted from the bottom of the trunk so the whole plant is not dead but not sure what i can do. Is it beyond saving?Or will it come back to life next year?

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