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Indoor stargazer lillies.

lijesmlijesm Posts: 2

Hello I have bought some beautiful potted stargazer lilies for inside the house, the fragrance has filled the house for weeks. They have now finished blooming and I have removed the dead blooms.Please can you tell how I should care for them now as I would like to have them flowering again next year. I also have an unheated no window garage if that's any help.


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Put them in a pot or in the ground for outdoor flowering next year.  If you use a pot, ensure plenty of drainage, putting grit  under the bulbs before planting them.  Then let them rest.  Don't worry if they freeze hard, they don't mind that at all, but alot of wet will allow them to rot.  Stargazer is usually grown as a garden lily, so if you want it inside again, let it develop outside, then bring it in when it is about to flower.  Some of my lilies are many years old, treated in  much this way - good luck, and enjoy. 

  • I've had to abandon growing lilies because of the lily beetle.  No amount of vigilance and daily picking them off helped.  So you need to be aware that the handsome red lily beetle may be a threat and take action the minute you find the first one.  They also attack fritillarias.  Sorry to be a wet blanket, but forewarned is forearmed.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Forward the ever useful tea-strainer!  I keep an old one (not the one with which you strain the Earl Grey!), into which I tap  the beetles.  Then I transport them to the path where I dance upon them - my neighbours have given up with my eccentricities.  I've grown lilies for many, many years and although lily beetles are indeed a pain, most lilies come through OK.   I have grown a couple of small lilies as a sacrificial crop to protect the larger ones.  We will see what happens this year.

  • lijesmlijesm Posts: 2

    But if I kept the lily bulbs either indoors or in a cold garage would I escape the lily beetle?

  • probably - just be aware of what could happen and be prepared to act if you are unfortunate enough to see a beetle, or the disgusting slime they hide their eggs in which must be remived immediately

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