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A few questions

JulieH3JulieH3 Posts: 85

Sorry, I know you prefer individual questions on individual threads and I am being lazy but I have a few questions. 

1 do lupins hate being moved? I poor one in the front garden recently and it started wilting. I ended up print it on a pot but it continued its wilt. At the weekend, in Costco I bought 2 large pots of lupins and decided to divide one as it was several plants. I watered it after dividing (and it rained). Now the divided plants are drooping - pics below. 

2 can anyone identify the plants below the lupin pics please? One in each pic. The roundish marked leaves I think are a weed poking through a fascia. The other is a shrub getting ready to flower. Is it a spires? The flowers are white (that much I remember)   thank you 



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,423

    Lupins are better split in the dormant season,  They are better in the ground at this time of year. Give them a watering can each of water after planting.

  • mushermusher Posts: 389

    I'd agree with Fidget. Lupins have a large tap root. The ones you've got look shell shocked after major surgery like that. I think they will recover, I'd certainly get them in to the ground now to start the recovery process. But think carefully before you plant them so theres no more disturbance  to them over the next few years. Then take basal cuttings rather than digging the  clump up and once again performing major surgery.

    Over the next year or two it probabley won't perform well when it comes to flowering. This year if its come with flower buds. I'd remove those so all the strength is  concentrated in to root formation and growth.

    Obviously protect from slugs and snails those slimey critters love em. But also weakened plants

  • ....and beware of giant greenfly, especially during and after flowering.

  • JulieH3JulieH3 Posts: 85

    Thank you. Was out all day today but checked on them when I got back and did a slice and dice on a couple of slugs taking advantage of the low foliage

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