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Leaning logs in a wildlife pond



  • Guernsey Donkey2 says:

    That Mazus Blue is a pretty plant The h h. Does it die down the in winter months? Our pond is a preformed type with steep sides hence the floating log, but yours looks far more natural.

    See original post

     It remains green in the summer, but no flowers. If you have a preformed pond, you could lay it on top of some hessian. It will grow into the weave. There are lots of other plants that will do this, such as creeping jenny.

  • Thanks h.h. that seems to be a good idea for growing the Mazus Blue plant. As for creeping jenny - it has crept quite well around our pond - and other areas too - it is such a pretty little plant with delicate yellow flowers.

  • Chris MasonChris Mason Posts: 159

    Thank you everyone for helping me, I really appreciate it. Earlier today I saw my first frog in the garden, it was so exciting! There are plenty of frogs in the garden hiding in the log piles in the open leaf heaps etc, but I was ecstatic to see it in the pond.Thank you again

  • That's great news Chris - I am so pleased for you and know how exciting it is to see your first frog in the pond - I get a thrill each later winter/early spring to know that the frogs are back in the pond again for another year of spawning and so the cycle starts again.  Well done and keep enjoying the changes in your pond and surrounding area.

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