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Dying Salix Caprea tree

Please help, I have or should say 'had' a beautiful Salix Caprea tree, planted in my front garden, it's been thriving well for the past six years, each year It battles with an infestation of caterpillars and i douse it well with an insecticide spray and its still comes back

Last year was the first time I really trimmed back the dead from under the tree, at the start of year it produced lovely catkins all around, but that's as far as it went

The tree is in a sunny position, sheltered by a low surrounding wall, after a little inspection at the base of the tree, there is the odd ant climbing the trunk, and beneath the weed barrier it is possible to see thick roots which seem intact,  the tree itself is very wobbly.

What is the best options for the tree, digging up and starting again.?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,152

    If a tree that's been in place for 6 years is wobbly it's in trouble. Roots should be below soil, you shouldn't be able to see them through a weed barrier. 

    If you have any birds in your garden they would prefer their caterpillars not to be doused in insecticide sprays. Just pick them off and throw them down for the birds.

    I think you'd be better removing the tree and starting again. I wouldn't use a weed barrier

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