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Blackcurrant cuttings

I took some blackcurrant cuttings last Autumn and about 50% of them rooted - so today I potted them on and now want to know if I should cut or trim the tops off them and if so how much should I take off.  Will they be ready to plant in final position next Spring?image


  • Invicta2Invicta2 Posts: 663

    I suggest you leave them to grow till autumn so the leaves can use sunlight to build up a food reserve. Prune hard back in autumn, if you think they look substantial enough plant them out, otherwise pot on to a larger planr pot for another year. In spring 2017 the plants should produce vogorous new shoots.

  • The shoots and leaves are quite wispy and  I wasn't sure what to do, but your advice makes sense Invicta, thanks.

  • chris 172chris 172 Posts: 403

    hi Gd2

    Just punching th eair coz i have just replied to your post and this system has just bombed is out so its not fixed yet...........................frustrated to say the least

    Trying now to dilute what i said so to get the message before time out again

    on me list this year are black currant cuttings from next doors lottie and also blackberry cuttings as ( no name of them) however they are clonkers and i want one ha ha.

    picture posted is my autumn raspberry cuttings in pots which are so easy to take as they are so invasive just dig them up and repot

    I can just taste the jam now yummy image

    ps your cuttings look great good jobimage

    happy grdening

  • So hoping that these blackcurrant cuttings take. My late father grew blackcurrants on a commercial scale in the garden next door to us - but about 25 years ago the garden was turned into a field and of course the bushes went too. So these little cuttings are from those original b/c bushes that my father had - thanks to the birds for depositing the seeds in our garden!

  • chris 172chris 172 Posts: 403

    wow gd2

    go for it the memories will make your determination greater to suceed

    keep us posted on the progress and again good luck and well done

    happy gardening

  • Thanks chris, you have a good selection of fruit bush cuttings too - thanks for your encouragement with the b.c..  I think you have some great innovative ideas for growing your crops and I am so pleased with the progress of my beetroot which I am growing following your module idea - they look far healthier than any that my OH has ever grown (ha ha) although not harvested any as yet. We may try your carrot system next year (if we remember it then).

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