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A crazy idea...


another question. I have this bit of the garden that needs something else... I have a plum tree in the centre (struggling a bit as it's been under attack from aphids and pigeons), a viburnum b dawn (small at the moment, it's behind the cream edged hosta under the table on the pic) and a trio of dogwoods on the left. I'm left with that corner that could easily fit 3 shrubs.

It's in the shade in the morning and then gets sun til the evening. 


I would like to fit in a black elder for flowers and berries on the left and some hazel and willow to coppice. (I attended a couple of willow weaving workshops and was told they can be planted pretty close together. Could it work?

ps, excuse the boring bare fence... path and border were under weedmembrane until february. I have great plans for it... ????


  • After a bit of research it seems that willow is not a good idea...

    so black elder and 2 hazelnuts for cross pollination, thanks mr google. Do you think it could work? (i'd rather know if not, saves money, energy and lots of tears!)

  • CeresCeres Posts: 1,823

    They can all grow pretty big but I guess that is what you are after if you are coppicing.

  • Thank you Ceres. I'd like a few bean poles and pea sticks and hope that by staggering pruning, i can have a small nut harvest too.

    Plus it will take me back 20+ years. I remember my sisters and I stepping on the nuts to crack them and getting told off by my grandad for leaving the shells on the patio... The hazel is still there now, an ever-growing monster but it provides some welcome shade in the summer.

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