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Rust and alliums

I have just returned from a couple of days away to find that my garlic autumn planted was totally covered in rust. By the time I had removed all the affected leaves ( as advised by previous old posts)  there were only the undeveloped bulbs left I have removed these from the ground and intend to use them as very flavoursome additions to stews etc so not a total loss.I do have a remaining small bed of garlic planted this spring in another part of the garden which I hope wil survive.

My problem is that they were in my allium bed so next to my onions shallots and leeks! . Is there anything I can do to prevent these also being infected with the fungus, the loss of my whole onion crop would indeed be a disaster.

also I read in earlier posts that I will not be able to grow garlic in this soil for 5yrs? Does this mean I will not be able to grow any of this family in this bed and if so what can I grow there. As I operate a 3 bed rotational system I would have great difficulty as it is the onion family that consists the bulk of my annual crop.

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