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As predicted in my hello thread, it seems my garden is going to be losing some more lawn!  I'm stuck on the sofa with a throat infection and cat sleeping on my head (really, she curls up on my the pillow and spreads out until she's balancing on my head), and my mind is drifting off to a new garden project. 

I am thinking of putting a flowerbed down the left hand side of the garden:


You can see the decking and back flower bed. On the other side we have this (excuse the mess, the wheelie bin is full!)


I'd like to plant something up that gives colour throughout the year, maybe some lupine, hebes, hardy geraniums....but to be honest I'm a bit clueless! It should be sandy soil beneath the grass, and it gets sun most of the day- probably morning until 6pm. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? 

Thank you!

Oh, and here's the cat currently balancing on my pillow (a rescue cat who refuses to go outside, but loves watching what goes on through the windows and patio doors....keeping all our birds safe!)




  • Lou12Lou12 Posts: 1,149

    How sweet, I wonder why she doesn't want to go out. maybe she feels safe inside :-) She/he, can't tell.

    I can't get my fluffy boy to come in, he likes lying on the lawn feet up.

    I think that would look great with a new flower bed. We put another one in recently and now have a pile of turf we don't know what to do with!

  • What have you got planted up in your new bed?

    She's one of two cats we have, neither have ever shown any desire to go out. In fact the other one runs in the opposite direction if we open an external door. Both were rescue cats that had been abandoned,maybe they associate the outside with that, but they've been with us around 7 years now so we've just come to accept that they're happier indoors. 

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 27,235

    Lou12. Find a corner in your garden and turn the turves grass side down and build a big stack. The turves will rot down and make the most wonderful compost.

    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
  • ha ha, I knew it! ?

    Are you going to have a band by the fence like on the other side or more curvy, up to the corner of the decking? The other border might expand with time too... Too many pretty plants you will obviously NEED... Once you start shrinking the lawn, there is no going back! (I only have a circle left, about 4,5m in diameter)

    Keep the pictures coming!

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  • You were indeed right, Julie! 

    I think I'll probably go with a band as it is on the opposite side. We also have a concrete raised patio that comes off the house, not visible in this picture, but it's another space for future flower beds, lol.

    I'm not sure how much of the lawn my husband will let me take over!

  • The conversation with with my hubby was very simple:

    - less lawn, less mowing.

    - go for it. Leave a bit for the boys and lying down.

    Sorted ?

    You're going to have a nice sunny border to plant then, it will be nice to have a different set of plant choices. Exciting! I'm afraid i can't help much with that as i'm quite new to gardening too.

    I'm sure you'll get some suggestions soon (and I'll be spying to see what I need to add to my want list...)

  • Husband will soon  be off to the Alps on a blokes motorbike tour, if if the weather is OK i might make a start then! 

  • OldtykeOldtyke Posts: 155

    Have a nosy in other people's gardens round your way to see what grows well . If there are open gardens, then visit, take photos of what you like, and take a notebook so you can write the names down. Get some gardening books out of the library, and see what style of bed you fancy. Alot have plans that you can follow, or adapt.

    I would go with about 1/3 evergreen plants, so that you will have some colour in winter. I actually have more, but my garden is really tiny. Buy good  size perennials, and you can often split them into 3, and they'll soon catch up. Watch GW and the Beechgrove Garden.

    We didn't have flower beds when we came 18 months ago,nad they are only about 2ft , but the grass doesn't grow at the bottom of the garden, so I will gain another foot. Of course trimming the lawn tends to make the beds bigger image

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,535

    Lovely garden dew drops and bet you can not wait to make your new beds image

    good advice from lady bird re the turf.  I recently did same and now have a telly tubby hill at the bottom of the garden and thinking now to shape it a bit and plant it up with meadow type flower.  It gives a sense of height and shape that I didn't realise till it was there! 

    Also same as old tyke says get some evergreens in so its not a bare mud bath like some of my borders are as didn't put any in!

    then the world is your oyster as far as flower choice.  I'm quite into prairie planting which would look nice.  Oh and forgot to say make it wide as you can before your hubby comes home image

  • I like Oldtyke's suggestion, and aim for structure and texture first, then add colour. What you have on the other side is beautiful, it looks like you have a great eye for planting! I envy your sandy soil, which I had in my previous garden--roses and camellias loved it--hydrangeas less so. Lots of perennials did well which in my current garden on clay just rot away, like salvias and lavenders. East Bergholt has some beautiful and unusual shrubs, also Bluebell Nursery, then there are other companies like Claire Austin which do great mail order perennials.

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