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I've asked this before and got very few replies. Anyone else going?



  • Me me me!!! (And my friend)

    I've been twice before. As a new gardener, it's been fantastic to be able to soak up so much knowledge and ideas.

    Have you been before Steve? Are you looking forward to something specific? They seem to be creating new areas every year...

  • We went for a few years running then didn't go last year. We are just looking forward to seeing what's there this year.

  • Yes,me going too-got way too many packets of seeds last year....and serious plant envyimage Really enjoyed it last year.

  • I won't be so recognisable as I don't actually carry those aprons with me!

  • Anyone else? (He said bumping this post back up the forum...)

  • Cos dearest Runnybeak, after the last time I wore one in public, I was told off by the police.

    Turns out you are supposed to wear other clothes too...

  • They didn't even warm their hands!

  • Those two coppers tho, one of them was short and the other...

  • Tray14Tray14 Posts: 210

    I'm going - 3rd year in a row for me - as always will come back with too much!

    really looking forward to it image

  • Of course, it's going to rain!

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