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growing silver birch in a large container

MChizMChiz Posts: 12

I've read a few reports recently about growing trees in containers and I feel I'm no better informed after my research!

I'd hoped to grow a silver birch in a deep metal bath, but had wanted to get a more mature 8 or 9 ft tree -will a large bath support such a size tree? I'd hoped I'd get a 10-12 ft tree out of it in a few years

thanks in advance,


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,274

    MChiz. It is not advisable to grow silver birch in a container. It needs to be in the ground.

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  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,584

    A metal container will heat up in sunshine and the roots won't like that, and a tall tree (if you can get it to grow to the height you want) will be unstable in wind and liable to blow over. If you really want to grow the tree in a container, it will be best in something wide and squat so that the tree stays upright in all weathers. As Ladybird4 says, it really needs to be in the ground. Maybe if you treat it like a gaint bonsai you can get away with growing the thing in a huge pot.

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