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im nearly afraid to ask this question, as I think I know the answer. Builders have just relayed my patio after the previous owner had left it in poor repair. However, after over a week and a half of leaving the lawn, the creeping buttercup and the clover have completely taken over. Drainage is a huge issue around our area and my front and back lawns suffer from poor drainage . I try to keep on top of it by scarifying regularly but as the back lawn has been left for close to a fortnight the lawn looks in serious state. 

The builder has suggested running a curbing around the small lawn about a foot high. Then putting in a drainage pipe at the bottom of the lawn, covered in stones and then soil to help drainage, deturfing  the lawn , filling in with a ton of screened soil to level of the sloping lawn, and reseeding. 

He reckons it would solve lots of things. Levelling the lawn off, improving drainage and putting a nice border around the lawn to stop the speading of the grass over the curbs. 

All in all, cost wise he claims it's a small job but would make a difference. Just ton of soil. Some edging and some labour. 

Advice please.  I know the lawn looks in a terrible state but is it at the point of reseeding?

And is this a good time to plant a new lawn? 

Please be be aware that I'm very aware the lawn looks horrendous, and as any gardener would be, I'm quite frustrated already. Honest opinions greatly appreciated. 

Ive included a picture of my front lawn to show how they both normally look, when kept short and tidy. 


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    Jesse the decision is nearly always the same. Time v money. If you have the money and are willing to pay the builder then you could have your lovely new lawn in no time. If you have the time and the inclination then do it yourself.

    Personally I'm not sure about a pipe at one end. Drainage would have to be improved across the whole area. As an extreme example, I have a very big garden and a pond that I use to keep the water level down in the surrounding lawn. I wouldn't like to be waiting for the levels to drop at the far end of the garden! 


    This is the accepted way of draining a lawn and then you can infill with topsoil and have your level lawn over the top. You have to direct the water towards the soakaway. It won't go on it's own.

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