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hello,, first of all apologies for my rant last week about all the cookies that appear on here after I logged on, sorry just had a meltdown and thanks for the tips on how to try and get rid of them image

I need some advice on what to do with an extremely overgrown Xmas cactus. At the moment it's trying to escape from an 8 inch plastic pot which sits in a large ornamental china pot that has gravel at the bottom to aid drainage. The whole thing sits on an old telephone stand in the porch and when I looked at a 10 x inch pot which is also much longer as well as wider, it just looked too big to sit neatly on the stand when re-potted. Then I thought about just putting it in a new ceramic pot instead but it wouldn't have any drainage holes in it.

Any ideas gratefully received image

thanks, shazza


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    Change the stand.image If your plant is happy doing what it is doing then don't change it or the plant will suffer. Plant it up a pot if it needs it but don't think about using the one with no drainage. 

  • shazza 3shazza 3 Posts: 30

    thank you. 

    was thinking about trying to buy a different stand, one which would accommodate both plants (have a different plant in similar sized pot) but wasn't sure how sturdy they would be. As there aren't any places in Swansea where they are on display, am loathe to buy one online because if it's not suitable would have the hassle of having to try and send it back (hate doing that !! The dimensions of the stands are ok but not sure if they would take the weight of 2 x large pots filled with compost when watered. The websites don't give this sort of useful information !!!

    will have to get my thinking cap on again

    cheers anyway

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    If you do decide to  repot it. Put it in to a pot that is no more than two fingers gap between the outer edge of the root ball and the inside of the pot. If you feel like it needs a reshaping. Simple cut the babies off. spray the amputed ends off with water on a regular  basis over a couple of days ( This forms a callus quicker). Plant in to dry compost until signs of new growth appear and then water.

  • shazza 3shazza 3 Posts: 30

    so am I right in thinking that a 10 x inch pot is too big ???

    what babies, don't have any ???

    sorry am confused now doesn't take much


  • mushermusher Posts: 390

    thats what they call the pads on your xmas cactus

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