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Rite Gutted

Last year i put a new bird box up on the house in the back garden and this year it has been used by 2 blue tits. Me and the wife had been watching them going in and out feeding their young but 2 days ago next doors cat killed one of the parents. After that the other adult went back to the box a few times then for some reason wouldn't go in, it just sat on the roof of the box chirping . All day today there was no sign of the adult blue tit so i got my ladders and had a peek, to my sadness there was to dead chicks. Its a shame as they had all there feathers. Cats really annoy me sometimes, i know its instinct but the cat just killed the adult and left it.


  • jabsyjabsy Posts: 54

    I think it should be a legal requirement for cats to wear something like a collar with a bell on or something that gives the wildlife a bit more warning 

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,986

    I've just replied on another thread re cat pests and recommended the OP invests in one of those water scarers you attach to your hose. I'm plagued by cats here and I've tried every method known to man, but still get them. I bought one of those last week and it's brilliant. Located it near my bird feeder and pond which is the main route. Already had a few successes. Definitely worth trying. 

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • shazza 3shazza 3 Posts: 181

    yep when I retire am going to get a dog, am sick of everyone else's cats pooping in garden and using it as a short cut to go elsewhere. why should I have to put up with their cat using my garden as a toilet and also leaving the corpses of dead animals here as well. they wouldn't like it if i took my dog to their garden and let it poop there would they image  

    rant over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VoyagerxpVoyagerxp Posts: 635

    There are loads of cats in my street, 5 at one house. I wouldn't hurt a cat but i with there was something that would scare em off, my wife ain't a pet person so a dog is out the question.

  • I'm a guilty cat owner. We have two rescues. Though only one ventures out of the garden. Luckily he's too clumsy and stupid to kill anything. It makes me worry about putting any bird feeders in the garden, though. 

    Round here the big annoying menace is the bloody dog three doors down. Its not the dogs' fault, but the owners idea of exercise is putting her out in the garden to bark all the bloody time. And its a staff, so she needs some proper walks!

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