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Plant (bulb grass) ID help wanted (& a bug problem!)

ktlyktly Posts: 3

Hi, I'm a newbie (on this forum and to the world of proper gardening!). So please be gentle :-)

Anyway, I've recently moved into a garden with a very large lawn but at the sides of it there are grasses which I've found to be from bulbs. The grass is invading the lawn in some cases, so I've pulled a few out. But can anyone help me in identifying this?

Also - 2nd photo of a poorly plant. Something ate my hydrangea! I've since moved it from the area it was in and it seems to be recovering, but pretty much overnight something stripped it completely off its leaves (and it was a healthy plant from Any ideas what / who could have done this? i do have a lot of slugs and snails (and foxes!) but I've never known those to eat hydrangeas before? 

Thanks in advance.. imageimage'


  • The grass-like plant looks like crocosmia, which will flower later in summer.

  • ktlyktly Posts: 3

    Oooh thank you Alan - that'll be a really pretty sight to see then as they are edge most of the lawn! image

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