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Will two climbers go here?

Below is the poor dead hydrangea we will shortly dig out. 

I've always wanted a wisteria (cliche, I know), nd was hoping to grow one over the porch bit. However someone on here suggested a henryana and I love that idea for more seasonal interest. But do you think I could get two climbers in this bed together and climbing without any problems?



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    Hi. I think I would want to know why the hydrangea died before I thought about something else to plant in there. Is the little bed covered in pebbles or have you got a very stony plot?

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  • It belonged to the previous owners. Unfortunately they look like they covered the bed with pebbles and a sheet prior to selling (to make it look nicer? I don't know). And we noticed it didn't look too healthy before we moved in. Last year it only just limped through and this year its failed totally. We tried to water it as much as possible but the consensus on here seemed to be it was quite a mature hydrangea and had just come to the end!

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,263

    What a shame. Well the answer to your question is yes - you could get two climbers in there. P. Henryi is self clinging but wisteria will need support like wires on the wall. When you remove the poor hydrangea get rid of the pebbles and make sure that there is some decent soil underneath. Add well rotted compost and fertiliser before putting in your new plants and keep them as far apart as possible to give each a good root run. In the lee of the wall they will require watering slightly more frequently. P. Henryi will have to be watched to ensure it doesn't wrap itself around the wisteria.

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  • Thanks Ladybird, especially for the tips on preparing the soil. We are definitely aware now that we need to be on top of watering in this spot - the overhang from the weatherboards causes additional problems!

    The pebbles are in the process of being removed!!

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,263

    Good luck Claire x

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