New clematis and climbing rose

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Yesterday I got a new climbing rose 'Rural England' , a Peter Beale rose. I am going to plant it against our house wall nearish to our patio doors. I have lifted a paving slab at the base of the wall and dug a deep hole and removed all the subsoil. I've added a layer of gravel and grit and have bought a big bag of topsoil and have well rotted horse poop to plant it in. My question is I have a clematis 'Princess Diana' that I bought many weeks ago and have been potting on. It is now a good size in a 2L pot. Do you think they could be planted next to each other and would do well together? I think they are both meant to get to the same height eventually . Does anyone grow this clematis , is it too vigorous? 


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    just had a quick google, founds this on j.parkers website 

    Striking, bright pink Tulip-shaped flowers bloom from August-October. Petals are bright pink with thick edges in a lighter shade, while prominent pale yellow anthers add a decorative touch. We'd recommend planting Clematis Princess Diana beneath a climbing rose for a magnificent summer display. A pale pink or peach rose will create a pretty, romantic look. Princess Diana prefers full sun or partial shade. In early spring, be sure to cut back the previous year's stems to about 15-20cm (6-8in) above ground level. 40-50cm plants in 11cm pots supplied.

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    Hi lily. If you intend pruning these it could be problematic as the clematis will be entwined around the rose. They do both get pruned at a similar time but the job will be made a little more difficult.

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    Sounds lovely and you haven't even planted it yet LS image

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    Thanks for the info Sanjy, seems like they should work well together after all. My main worry was whether the clematis would be too vigorous , so that worry has been answered.

    Ladybird, the rose is technically a repeat flowering rambler, with thankfully very few prickles. I don't mind delving in in the spring to pull out the prunings. I've got a couple of clematis growing up into my lilac shrub and find they pull out of the branches easily. I did once get my ponytail properly stuck in a large rosebush once and couldn't pull myself free. I was there a good 15 minutes before I was spotted by my teenage daughter , who after taking a photo on her phone of my misfortune finally painfully set me free.

    Thanks PP, I have a bit of a thing for pink flowers. Would never wear pink, or have it in the house but in the garden...lovely.

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    Be sure to take a picture of the twosome to share on here image

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    Lilysilly, they would be fine together. Princess Diana is a group 3 Clematis which you cut back hard in spring. Ramblers are pruned after flowering, usually mid summer, so NOT pruned at the same time, and as its pretty thornless it'll easily pull out the spent stems. It may be a slight tangle in spring but by then the old clematis stems are easily removed. 

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    Thanks Dave, I'll have the clematis on canes this year anyhow, until the rose grows enough to support it.

    Ladybird I will post a pic or two.?

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    Princess Diana imagepicture taken in the garden here, never gets much above 6 ft to 7 ft., superb plant, Texensis Group, July to September flowering, chop back to the ground in February

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    Richard thank you for the photo and positive feedback on this clematis. It really looks a wonderful colour and shape. I planted them earlier so fingers crossed for a great display later on in the summer.

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