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Easter Cactus

pitter-patterpitter-patter Posts: 2,378

Dear all,

This Easter Cactus is four years old. This year it has bloomed a little bit later, but quite abundantly as you can see. After blooming, it usually grows one or two leaf segments. I don't really want to prune it, so is it all right if I let it trail? 



  • pitter-patterpitter-patter Posts: 2,378

    It is rather ostentatious; such an overt display of sentiment. image Probably just to draw my attention, because it otherwise thrives on neglect. I water it rarely and I probably did feed it once or twice. And, to my shame, it's in a pot that doesn't have draining holes. I just lift it from time to time and if it's too heavy I don't water it for a while. I'm sure if it wasn't for such a result, this would earn me a place in B3's gallery of shame. Do you think it's fine if I let it trail or does it require pruning?

    PS Why is the 'bold' disappearing when posting?

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  • mushermusher Posts: 389

    Its classed has a jungle succulent and shouldn't really be left for long periods during the growing season with out water.

    pity its a belter.

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,820

    Ours trails.  Bits fall off occasionally but it's never pruned.   I did pot it on a couple of years ago and I do feed it for a couple of months a year leading up to Xmas which is when ours flowers.

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  • pitter-patterpitter-patter Posts: 2,378

    Thank you, Musher and Obelixx. I will let it grow naturally then. I was just wondering if it won't get too long. It's on a plant stand now and it would be rather difficult to put it anywhere else. I had an idea to hang it from a hanging basket bracket in the conservatory, so I might still consider doing it. 

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