Ride on mower issues

When my wife and I bought our "for ever" home just a few short months ago, we paid the princely sum of £150 for a ride on lawnmower that kind of came with the house.

The Sovereign Eurorider looks ok and for £150 I thought I was getting a bargain.  However keen and please I was to get started with my new purchase, I was soon frustrated and perplexed as I discovered it had completely sized up over winter and the very blunt blades didn't even turn.  £90 later I jumped on to have a mow and half way round the garden the belt came off. A new belt was required, "oh you might as we'll service it while you're there", I said. 

A further £230 and 3 weeks later after having to hack at the grass with strimmers etc, I managed to cut my grass last week.

I was beginning to think this is easy. I know, I'll give it another go this week and keep on top of the rapidly growing 2/3 acre.  Thats where this pleasant story ends. Yep, youve guessed it, it won't start!

I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a new mower. My question is, does anyone have any suggestions which ride on mower I should buy?

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    We have ours serviced every winter - thorough clean, oil change, blades sharpened, battery checked and so on  - and yes, it does cost about €200 a time but that's mainly labour.   Worth it tho to have fuss free lawn mowing in the growing season.

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    buy a husquarvana direct collect around £4000 brilliant machine don't buy a countax total crap with its stupid little brush collecter every one around here has one I hate them failing that buy a goat

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    Gary - on a lighter note you could buy a ride on mower like this one.


    No servicing required just keep it in plenty of grass.

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