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Diseased roses

Dear forum members
I am stumped about a disease affecting 3 of my roses (but not yet all of them) in 2 different locations. 
I have taken cuttings to the local garden centre who have not seen it before. 

The leases turn mottled yellow and green (pink and green on one plant), and are now turning brown.  The flowers seem to be blooming as normalThe roses have been fed last month with rose feed. I have sprayed on of them, but not all, with Provado ultimate bug killer, and have not used any weed killer sprays nearby

Can anyone help me?  I attach some pictures.

Many thanks








  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,192

    Hi there. Sorry but none of your pictures have appeared.

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  • LamboppppLambopppp Posts: 3

    Here are the couple of the pictures - sorry


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    My first thought on seeing that is weedkiller damage.  Is there any possibility that wind could have carried weedkiller spray onto them, perhaps from a neighbour or council kerbside weed control?

    There are a few nutrient deficiencies which can look similar but it is rarely that severe and usually affects all the leaves and not just ones on the outside.

    Another possibility is that you sprayed the bug killer in strong sunlight.  I have seen bug sprays cause damage to young foliage which is one of the reasons I try not to use them (apart from the obvious one of them killing friendly wildlife such as ladybirds as well as the pests.)

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  • LamboppppLambopppp Posts: 3

    Bug killer in strong sunlight is a possibility - I can't remember what the weather was like when I applied it.  Weed killer spray is less likely as 2 of the roses are at the back of the house and one is at the front.  And another one at the back is not affected at all.  

    Thanks for for the advice.

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