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Mildew on spinach

LingLing Posts: 4

i recently sown some spinach but very disappointed that patches of yellow which then turned grey. It appeare to be affected by mildew. I have removed all affected leaves.What can I get to prevent this recurring. help please


  • chris 172chris 172 Posts: 403

    hi Ling

    This has happened to me before and i think it was down to over watering however i now have changed my approach

    sow seeds in modules in greenhouse and as soon as they come through move outside to cold frame to grow on

    Greenhouse heat is very unpredictable with the weather changing and the heat affected my plants

    Attached photos show seeds in cold frame (viking and summer bloomsbury) and my first crop coming along now (bloomsbury) very juicy leaves

    good luck with your next sowing

    hapy gardeningimageimage

  • LingLing Posts: 4

    Thank you Chris for your advice. I shall give your method a go. I have a wooden trough which I grow some spring green last year and I read somewhere saying this could be the problem ie some kind of fungal. No point having the crop that you cannot harvest due to the blight.

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