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Engaging Kids in the Garden - Willow Den

Does anyone else grow willow in their gardens? I planted a willow den 3 years ago for my kids and now it has filled out and the kids love it. I'd love to hear if anyone grows wigwams, tunnels or fedges and how they have grown. Do you find them easy to maintain and what do you do with the offcuts?

If you'd like to see some photos of my willow den and its progress over the past 3 years, there are lots of pictures and instructions on how to grow a den on my blog...

Thanks :)


  • pokhimpokhim Posts: 210

    wow! awesome!! nice one!

  • dogwooddaysdogwooddays Posts: 258

    Thanks! It's really easy and needs no experience. And lots of fun :-) 

  • a1154a1154 Posts: 1,073

    I have a fedge.  I'm still not really sure i like it though its probably more of a hedge than a fence as its a bit unruly at the moment. 

  • BobFlannigonBobFlannigon Posts: 619

    This is amazing, my kids will love this, thanks dogwood!  I have a spot which is available, having just taken on an allotment my existing vegetable plot in my garden is now up for grabs.  If I fit it in nicely then there should be space behind for them to run around too.

  • dogwooddaysdogwooddays Posts: 258

    That's great. Glad you found it useful. I'm planning a few more on kids in the garden - 'wildlife wows', 'magical lands' and 'sowing and growing' which you might find interesting with your kids. If you subscribe by email on the site you would get emails when I write posts. I hope you and the kids have a great time with your willow den. :-) 

  • dogwooddaysdogwooddays Posts: 258

    I can imagine a fedge would be unruly at this time of year. My den was crazy until I pruned it a few days ago. Maybe it will look better after a trim? 

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