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I'll start off by saying I'm new to this site and reasonably new to gardening especially garden design. We brought a house before Xmas and to say the garden was overgrown was an understatement. We have just finished the main garden but there is a side of the house that has a space big enough that I want to utilise it but not big enough to just turf it.

I  going to put a shed at the bottom of the space closest to the driveway and I was thinking a veg patch on the left hand side with a walkway to the shed..

However I'm unsure about the right side, it's not our fence and as you can see its a little worse for wear. I'm trying to think of other solutions before we just put a fence up ourselves. 

The space left (after the shed is there) is going to be 7.9m long by 1.83m wide.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.image


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    Hi carlylouise. I'm not altogether clear where the shed is going. Is it going to be down where I can see the front (or back) end of the vehicle? I can see a gap between the hedge and the fencing. Is that yours or your neighbours? What is the stuff lying on the ground?

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  • The shed will be where there is a pallet towards the car. The gap is where my neighbours garden is. The stuff on the ground is just building materials at the moment, underneath the ground is full of stones. I was thinking is I planted anything it would be a lot easier to do raised beds ?

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    Hi There,

    If your getting a nice new shed it would be nice to make a path up to it. If the shed is facing towards us in the picture, I could really see a nice curving path, with beds either side? It might be difficult to plant near your neighbours hedge as those conifers suck the life out of the ground and light for that matter, although Hostas & blue bells work quite well.

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    We have a similar side return. We created a raised bed using sleepers. We installed an arch with climbing and rambling roses and planted a Hawthorn tree, to create height and shade. It is mostly planted with shade loving plants.


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    Perhaps a 'living wall' could be an idea to make use of vertical space? With a winding path around groups of large pots?

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