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Hi all.

Last year my wife asked me to install for our possesion a automatic gate opener. That was a hard fight and i lost it just now so I'm here asking for some help with this. 

I'm looking for some very very safe system (got 2 small kids 6, 4 <3 ) that is also not so slow. My gate got 4,5 meter and about 250 kg weight. I cannot weigth it good but MAX 300 kg. I dont want to spend more than 800 euro :/ And i will try to install it myself with my dad.

Anyone can help? 


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    I'd move somewhere less dangerous .

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    Ok so maybe this post will help anyone


    That's gate to my household. I was considering to change mechanism from sliding to swing but guy from shop say that's totaly bad idea ;o. At all i bought FAAC 746 with 5 meters of steel rack ( . I wanted to spend 800 euros and spend more than 1200 -_-. After all i bought set for 1000 euro with photo beams to ensure the safety (ofc i needed to buy also post for them 40 euro for one -_-). Time of opening gate is like 30 second but anyway the problem is only when you want to get in. 

    Anyway i wanted to install it with my dad but we needed to have a help a proffesional installer for like 150 $ Euro... It's not possible to install it by yourself cuz there's a little bit of typical electrical stuff insiade control board of opener.

     So finall cost was like 1000 euro for set + 150 installer + 40 post + 10 shipping. 

    I'm not sure that i didnt a pay to much but i want to end this case quick. If anyone got any question i will try to help as much as i can. 

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    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
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    I like privacy ;o 

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