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non flowering Clematis freckles

I have had a clematis freckles growing up trellis by  that it shares with a climbing rose. ( which flowers non stop!)  it's been there for 8 years and never flowered. it gets to about 3 x metres and I have to chop the top. 2 years ago I pruned it to the ground in despair in spring and last year I pruned it at 1 metre high to see if I can encourage it to flower in any way. it is on a West facing wall that gets some shade part of day from next door house .

 Any suggestions.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,129

    This clematis produces flowers on growth produced the previous year so you've been happily removing all the flowering potential with all your pruning.

    Give it a generous feed of specialist slow release clematis food or rose fertiliser.  Train all new growth as horizontally as possible and wind it back and forth across its support rather than letting it shoot vertically.  This will help it produce more flowers.  Works for climbing roses too by the way.

    Do not prune it again this year.  It should flower from next autumn through to spring unless you get a really cold snap which it won't like.   You can trim it after flowering finishes next spring if it needs tidying up and then give it another good feed and it should flower every year if you repeat this regime.

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