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A few years ago on the tv show, various brands of dahlia seed were planted with variable results. I recall that one brand of seeds grew well. Unfortunately, I cant remember what they were. Can anyone advise me on a good variety grown from seed?


  • I'm pretty sure it was Bishop Of Llandaff Dahlis, tall red flowers on dark foliage. The Bishop's Children are lovely too, a little smaller but similar foliage. I grow them every year.

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    Dahlia Imperialis is very easy from seed. They get to around 1 metre in their first year then rocket afterwards. If lucky you get flowers late in autumn - so more foliage/bamboo affect.

  • I grow dahlias from seed every year, if you sow them early enough not only will they be in flower by June/July they will also form a tuber for future years.  I have had very good success with Bishop's Children - dark leaves and brightly coloured flowers, Redskin Mixed - dark leaves assorted coloured flowers, Double Extreme Mixed - green leaves assorted colours and this year I have grown Yankee Doodle Dandy which have two toned coloured flowers and green leaves.  None of these are the very tall blousy Dahlia's that you see on allotments with flower heads the size of dinner plates, so you do not have to stake them.  They have daisy like flowers that the bees absolutely love, my garden is full of dahlia's hence it's full of bees and I highly recommend them.

  • My dahlia had a few seeds one year so i planted them; one grew.  Now after several years of growing this seed and the root clump it became there have been no flowers.  I have a unique and healthy plant with light green foliage (the parent plant had purple leaves), but there are no flowers. It is growing alongside the parent and is as big as any fully blooming plant and not even a sign of a bud on any of the stems. Is that it?  Did I grow a dud?

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    I second Bishops Children suggestion. Varied plants, more or less purple-leaves, bright flowers. Had lots of fun with it, and really easy. Flower first year.

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    I'd chuck it out ,paul.

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    I grow all of my dahlias from seed - some from 'giant' seed mixes which grow to to 6ft in a single year which always amazes me! image  I sometime lift the odd tuber and store over the winter if they are of a particularly lovely form and worth saving but I like the random surprises which come from seed. image

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    If they get too big I don't think they flower well, I leave some in the ground but most are from seeds that I collect form seed sown ones from the year before,

    i love the Yanky doodle dandy ones, try to get open ones if you can as bees get nothing from the big blousey ones, having said that, the ones I leave in the ground are that type.


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  • Hi Paul, if you want a copy of your existing Dahlia you need to take cuttings, growing from seed generates lots of different ones. Take cuttings when the shoots are only 6-8" in height as any higher and they will be hollow and will not take. Cut the shoots low down at the tuber taking a slice of the tuber if you can, then treat as any other cuttings. I can recommend sowing Dahlia Pompone from seed as the name suggests they are pompom variety. I get most of my Dahlia seeds from T & M online. I have over 60 assorted Dahlia's in my garden most of which I have grown from seed or cuttings. Hope this info helps.

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