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Has anyone bought plug plants of Hellebores/Aquiligia from a nursery that sounds like it should be on a farm (no names mentioned).  If so, would they recommend them. There are various varieties of both of these plants available in the offers. Thanks.


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,540

    I bought the Hellebores and was very pleasantly surprised. Had quite a long wait for them, though within the stated time, but nice respectable little plants, not tiny plugs, all strong and healthy and ready for potting up. Shall use them again, good valueimage

  • That's encouraging news Buttercupdays - have you planted them outside and are they flowering? I have only one colour of Hellebores in the garden and they have seeded so easily - in fact they are taking over my complete flower bed - so I am hesitating to get any more - but the colours in the offer plants are so tempting.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,590

    I recommend Ashwoods for hellebores, and Touchwood for aquilegia seeds, although I collect and distribute a lot of my aquilegias, many of the new ones came from Touchwood.

  • We have a friend who has bred hellebores before she retired and we have quite a few.  You do need to be quite brutal with the lower leaves and cut any of which are too near the ground.  Ours flower from New Year through to the end of April, a very welcome splash of colour.

    There will be some photos amongst this lot:

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  • I have found them to be tough little plants - with welcome colour at a time when there is very little in flower in that part of the garden. It would be nice to introduce more colours as although we have about 10 clumps they are all the same. I have sent you a message fidgetbones

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  • I bought the 10 for £10 offer which I think is from the company you mean. They were quite small but I've potted them on when they arrived (about a week ago) and they all look very healthy.

  • That's encouraging to know singing gardener - I had some geums from Amazon a few weeks ago and they are all doing well - it really is a gamble when you buy plants by post - as although the offer may seem good value, you really do have to put your trust in the company to only send out plants that are truly ready to leave the nursery. Thank you.

  • Hi I have recently received my black aquilegia bare roots from a company online ,but they are soft and smell mouldy, is this normal or have I been duped.
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