Planting a privet hedge

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Hi all

I plan to plant a privet hedge in early autumn so bought the plants (in pots) and currently have them stood in my garden. I assume you should wait until after summer because of dry spells. However if I have to water them throughout summer while in the pots can I not plant them out and water them in situ?

Thank you in advance for your advice.



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    Firstly, I'd like to say well done you Paulah for planting a privet hedge.  They have been out of fashion for some time as I understand it (but then I'm out of fashion so can't be sure that they haven't made a come-back since last I heard).

    If it were me, I'd go ahead and plant them up.  I think that they're better being watered in the ground than they are in pots.  However - where are they going?  

    I'd make sure that I've done tons of preparation in the hole where they're going before making the commitment.  The hedges that I care for now, and have in the past, have been planted probably 50 or more years earlier.  You only get this one chance to set them up for a healthy start so make sure you make the most of it before committing.

    I love my privet which is about 10 foot high and much prettier than a fence or wall - and very architectural I think.

    Good luck.

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    Yes - prepare the ground well and get them in. Give them a good soaking after planting, and keep them well watered until established and producing new growth, obviously depending on your soil and climate conditions. A mulch after watering them in will  also help prevent drying out. 

    Soak them thoroughly in the pots too before planting. 

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    As far as I know bare rooted hedging, roses etc should be planted in autumn winter when they are dormant but with potted plants you can plant up at any time. As Cloogie and FG the prep. image

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    I agree with the others; as they are in pots, plant them now.  Keep them well watered over the summer and even next spring and summer to, to a lesser extent.  I have recently several hedges (including privet but mostly mixed.)  I bought one of those soaker hoses to keep them well watered.  It was definately worth the money which wasn't much as I bought it on ebay and saved a lot of time.  I also agree that privet makes a good hedge, it's evergreen and grows thickly and there are moths that pollinate the flowers at night so it is good for wildlife too.

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    there as tough as old boots. They'll be fine planted out Paulah. Has long as you keep them watered in. Perhaps a sprinkling of bonemeal in the holes.

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    HaHa musher. You said that like a little grind of black pepper over your pasta! So dainty!!!image

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    sensitive to my world and the world around me.

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    A delicate flower!! image

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    Thank you for your replies. Well that's my weekend job sorted!!!

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    image Clipped my hedge today and thought of you Paulah.  image

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