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I bought a lupin at the weekend, it's my first ever lupin so just would like a bit of advice please. My neighbour has a beautiful one planted under her front window and its stunning and that's what inspired me. I read they like full sun but the one she has only gets sun until 11 am as it faces north east but it is flourishing and always looks spectacular. I plan to plant mine in a pot and have a little triangular space of slate chippings between my raised pond, decking and fence that always looks really bare. It is shaded until 1 pm then it's full sun. The plan was to move my potted bleeding heart, the lupin and a couple of potted Hostas into this space. Does it sound like a good idea or should I think again? imageimageThis is my new lupin, manhatten lights

imageAnd this is the space I plan to looks more attractive, the water containers can clear off behind the shed. Left is east/ right is west. I think the area always looks really bare with just a hanging basket


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    Hi Sophie. I you are going to grow the lupin in a pot there are two things you need to think about. They can reach heights of 100 to 150cm (3-4 feet in old money) and this can make them top heavy in a pot and the pot would need to be a deep one with a diameter of at least 60cm (2 feet) as they grow a huge tap root. They are really better in the ground.

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    My Lupins only get sun until noon and still do incredibly well. It could very much be a case of trial and error. You would need a very deep pot and will probably need staking.

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    IMO, Lupins are not ideal pot plant, it would be much happier in the ground.

    I don't think your proposed location will be a problem.

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    Have to agree with punkdoc. Ground is far better and location sounds fine. One of mine is at 4+ ft right now and in full flower with 11 flower spikes and numerous smaller ones in the wings. It's loving the sunshine we're having in Mid Wales right now.

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    Thanks everyone. I'll plant in the ground in that spot and put the chippings back around.

  • I planted a lupin in a large pot last year.  It was an impulse buy and I have no space in my flower beds, hence the pot.  It has grown well and is now producing lots of buds but it does seem to need a lot of water as it will flag after only a couple of dry days.  I have another lupin in the ground which does well with very little water.

    Both lupins only get sun in the morning bud still have plenty of flower spikes emerging.

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