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Tank underneath greenhouse filled with water

recently, my father decided it was time for a new greenhouse and so our greenhouse was taken down and a new base was put in a few metres away from where the old one ended. underneath the old one we've found a square tank below ground level. its filled 3/4 with water thats quite murky but still able to see through with a torch. as far as we know it was put in in 1956 when the greenhouse was put up, however we arent sure as we havent owned the house for that long. does anyone know what its purpose is, how to remove the water and where the water was even coming from in the first place?


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,193

    Hi ellie. It could just be that the original owners used it as a storage tank for watering things in the greenhouse and garden. Or could it possibly be an old septic tank? You can get an electric pump that will empty the water out

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