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Sam 92Sam 92 Posts: 68

Hi all hope everyone is just as excited about summer as me all the borders coming to life 3000+ bedding plants to put out busy gardeners :)  getting cheery summer bedding out and far to many bbqs and cheeky gins and rums while doing the garden :) quick question i just sprayed my lawn for daises etc as very bad how long after spraying can i fertilise the lawn? I was going to leave a week then cut medium height another week cut short leave 3+ days then add miracle gro lawn feed via watering can? Does that sound okay new to lawn regiumes just want perfect lush lawn to go with my blast of colour borders. Anyone use miracle gro lawn feed when to apply before or after cut if so how long to wait between? Thanks enjoy the sunshine! Happy Gardening :) Cheers Sam 


  • R StarR Star Posts: 18

    Hi Sam, I've just fed my lawn with lawn Miracle gro having scarified it first, I let the grass grow for two weeks and then cut and feed again with miracle gro, don't scalp the lawn, grass always looks more lush green when it's a bit longer. Short cut lawns can look less green.. longer is better and it protects it from scorch in really hot days.

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