electric strimmers

I'm in the market to buy a new strimmer (again),

I would prefer the fully automatic kind, ie., the type that senses when the string is broken and automatically feeds more without having to rev up the motor or bump the head. One that actually works reliably without constantly jamming and requiring dismantling to reset.. So far I've bought three in half as many years and none have met the required criteria.

Does anyone in this forum know if a relatively trouble-free fully automatic strimmer  actually exists, or if it it just a myth?


  • ShepsSheps Posts: 828

    Ey up, Steve...I have a Black+Decker STC1820 18v 2.0ah Lithium Battery.

    I've been using it for about 2 months now and it hasn't missed a beat, the line feed is automatic, so no need to bump, so no messing about as it just works. It's not the most powerful Strimmer out there, but it does OK for me.

    I get about 3 trips around my medium sized garden before it needs a charge ( so it last me 3 weeks )

    Plus, it's cordless which makes the job so much easier.



  • BLTBLT Posts: 525

    I didn't know they had an autonatic type, mine is a pain as the cassette is black , the catches and instructions for removal are embossed black..

    NBG to me as cannot see them, lucky for me my mate came over and sorted it for me....after I had struggled to do the edges on saturday...

    Mine is a Flymo multitrim  so you might want to avoid that one..as its definately not automatic..

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  • ShepsSheps Posts: 828

    My B+D has the AFS ( Auto Feed Spool ) and so far I haven't had to touch it, each time the line breaks more line is fed out, you can feel it as the new line is cut off on the guard blade.


  • steve1928steve1928 Posts: 2

    Hi Sheps, two f my machines were B&D as well, but different models from yours and they were corded. I forget the name of the third - I threw it out. One of the B&Ds followed, and the other I have retained to experiment with to see if I can improve its function somehow.  I'm reluctant to buy another B&D unless I'm sure they have improved on the principle of operation. I was hoping someone on this forum has information in this respect.  Thanks for your input - and yours BLT.

  • ShepsSheps Posts: 828

    No problem matey image

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