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Planning rules for a tall play house?


I bought a playhouse on stilts that's about three meters tall (2m x 2m x 3m) and I'm wondering (as an afterthought!) about any planning issues.

I have read the online portals but sometimes it's nice to have an actual person in the know apply them to your situation for you.

I've planned to build it two meters away from the boundary but the standing platform will be about one meter and a half off the ground.

It will overlook a neighbour's garden but there is currently nothing stopping us overlooking the entire neighbour's garden from the ground.

There are also several trees and shrubs on the boundary that are taller than the playhouse so it's not as if it's blocking a previously far stretching skyline.

Its well away from their house, perhaps over ten meters.

The neighbour is a pain in the backside so will make a stink if possible.



  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 16,695


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  • David WDavid W Posts: 84

    I'm not a planning expert. 

    Although playhouses can be argued that they are temporary structures that do not require planning they can, I believe, still fall foul of planning laws.

    There can be specific rules about heights and distances from boundaries/houses, the way they are applied can vary from planning area to planning area.

    i believe that a strict application of the rules requires planning permission for any platform higher than 30cm above the ground (not at all high in my opinion). Also that strictly speaking a child's slide could require planning, it's just that it is chosen not to apply.

    Do a Google search and you come across peopple who have had problems, mainly down to neighbours complaining.

    As you have a pan if a neighbour if it were me I would decide exactly where it was going then contact your planning department. Better to be sure from the start rather than end up in the middle of a potentially long winded argument.


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 28,080

    I would just ring the council and ask about the play house. Pre-empt any flak from the neighbour.

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  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,092

    I have to admit that I wouldn't be too happy about having a structure like that built 10 metres from my house.  The OP might think it's 'well away' from the neighbours house, but for me it would be far too close.  The OP definitely needs to check with the local council before putting it up.

  • Yes, if I had a tricky neighbour, best to be pre-armed with the most current information from the council as to what you and and can't do.

    We're currently building a playhouse on stilts in our garden, from scratch. I have to say, H has made the stilts higher than I was expecting (hmmm) but I hope that when it's finished, it's no higher than the high double thickness laurel hedge behind it. Our plot is a funny one; our house sits at the back of the plot, which had a road running down one side, and fields to the other side and at the end. Effectively, we just have 'front garden'.  The playhouse is being built right at the top left hand corner, on the road side, but as the road and pavement is a good five fee lower than the garden, I'm pretty sure no-one will even know it's there, even if it sits slightly higher than the hedge on the garden side. (I'm also hoping the laurel puts on a bit of a spurt during the summer!)

    Plus, we have no close neighbours to annoy as our garden doesn't border onto any other gardens. Given this, we've just pushed on and started building it as frankly no-one will ever see it  or know it's there, apart from us.....

  • Emma41Emma41 Posts: 33

     I'm fairly sure as a previous person said, a platform higher than 30cm from the ground needs PP. Doesn't matter if it's a wooden structure, a shed on stilts would also need PP even though it's classed as a temporary structure when on the ground! 

    Look at it from the neighbours PoV, your kids will be standing up there staring straight down at them trying to enjoy their garden in peace. Not very nice. No need for it to be in the air really - a wendy house on the floor would be best all round  .

  • Louise BLouise B Posts: 81

    Thanks for the replies. Will check on the raised platform issue.

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