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Raspberry plants dried leaves

Hi everyone I planted raspberry canes last year in the lotty glen moy and joan j. Last season had a few lovely raspberries and plants looked very healthy. A couple of weeks ago some of the plants had dried leaves. Now all the plants have dried leaves and the canes looked dry and brittle. The plants are under trees at the side of the plot so not sure if that is a problem. So wondering whether I should dig them out and whether I can grow more raspberry plants there. Looked at google and thought it might be raspberry cane blight but it says that is visible in mid summer. Thanks.


  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532

    I think their too close to the tree,i'd buy some more and plant them somewhere else in full sunshine,make sure that you keep them watered.image

  • Thanks for reply Logan. Yes I did wonder about the trees. Will find another spot for them.image

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