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Is it a good/bad idea to grow 2 different climbers on the same trellis??

Hi. Can i grow passionflower on the same trellis as clematis montana? Will they strangle each other does anyone know?

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  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,904

    The strangulation is one thing but the feeding might be an issue as well. They would be competeing for nutrients and they're both fairly hefty plants.

  • Green MagpieGreen Magpie Posts: 806

    It's the trellis that might come out worst. Montanas can be very vigorous and heavy after a few years. Passion flower is a bit less so, but still quite substantial. They don't flower until late than the clematis, so they coukd complement each other quite well, but your trellis needs to be very sturdy.

  • Thanks all for your thoughts and advice on this conundrum. Both are planted in pots. They're about a meter or so away from each other. I bought the passion flower last year and was a baby plant when i bought it. It grew tall last year, and in the last month has developed lots of buds on long dangly branches. I'm really REALLY looking forward to it flowering. It seems to like the spot where it is. I've read that it is a good thing to prune passion flower so I think that I'll leave it where it is. The trouble is that I don't have anywhere else in my tiny garden for it to grow. It's going to be an experiment! Yes, I like the idea that the passion flower will come into bloom after the clematis. I'll reinforce the trellis and let you know how it goes!image

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