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Hello I'm new here and would be grateful for some advice. I purchased a second hand Mountfield petrol strimmer today ( model mb22cx) it runs well but I'm unable to remove the head to replace the strimmer line. Any advice would be appreciated. I've searched online for a pdf manual and looked through too many YouTube clips without joy.

Thanks in advance 



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    I'm not familiar with that particular model Richard but it may be as simple as a left hand thread. Try turning it the other way.

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    Thankyou plant pauper for your suggestion, I've tried turning it to the left but with no luck. What you can't see in the photo is a square bolt (below) which seems to stop the reel from being removed. Silly design, every other one I've seen online screws off. 


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    You must need to remove the bit on the end to let the reel slide straight off. Are there any clips or lugs inside those rectangular holes?

    I find things like this infuriating. My brother in law always gives me a puzzle at Christmas. He thinks he's funny. image

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    Mountfield have a freephone number. Call them and put me out of my misery.

  • Yes I've messaged them and will let you know the solution. Thanks again.

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    Most strimmer heads can be undone by turning the ridged knob in the same direction that the line moves in.  Usually that means turn in an anticlockwise direction (from your picture).  If you have never done this before, it is likely to be REALLY hard to get it moving !  You will probably have to stop the whole head turning by gripping the reel hard as well.  A squirt of WD40 or similar might help too. If you get the head off, there is a spring underneath it - try not to lose it !   Make sure you clean the whole head thoroughly before re-assembling it.   Good luck.

  • Having contacted Mountfield and downloaded the PDF manual I'm none the wiser. The head on the strimmer doesn't seem to match the ones shown in the manual.

    For others who need the Mountfield MB22CX manual I am unable to uploads he PDF here but can forward it to you if needed.

  • Hi Richard

    Just solved the same issue with my strimmer which is exactly the same..... It does unscrew clockwise.  i used an angle grinder spanner which fits in the 2 holes in the plastic head.... gave more leverage and bingo!

    Hope that helps

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