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Bindweed in my compost bin

After some advice please!

I discovered some bindweed growing strongly in my compost bin whilst turning the compost today. The compost is in pretty good condition but I can't be sure that I got all the bindwed roots out of it. Should I just bin the compost (there's a lot of it) or can I rescue the compost somehow?

I've spent weeks digging the borders over and really don't want to reintroduce any now that I've finally gotten rid of it....


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,707

    It should be loose enough to extract any bindweed roots, but I would bag it and leave it for the summer before you use it. If there are any roots left, you will see them start to grow. If nothing grows, it will be ok for use as a mulch in the autumn.

  • Graham26Graham26 Posts: 8

    Thanks Fidget. I didn't think about bagging it. There's literally a couple of tonnes of the stuff so it'll take a few bags but sounds like a good plan. Problem with removing the roots is finding them. There's a lot of  leaf mould and fir needles mixed in and it's tough to tell whats root and what's a leaf stalk. Thanks for your advice!

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,707

    I'm currently emptying a tardis into old compost sacks. I have one tardis, two daleks, a rotol  and  two builders sacks full, and I'm running out of space.

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