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Small scale plant nursery??

yvonnerob25yvonnerob25 Posts: 15

Hi all

We all have a love for gardening but anyone thought of making this hobby into a small scale business??

I've recently visited several nurseries and most of them were very small scale. Garden size plot with a couple of poly tunnels, usually specialising in a very few plant or even just 1 species, on top of providing some bedding plants. 1 was showing at chelsea this year and all they had was a poly tunnel, and an average garden size plot.

I love fuchsias, hardy geraniums, aquilegias trees, but is it possible to turn this love in to a small business??

Any advice??


  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,904

    ....and pay business rates. image

  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,575

    It could affect your insurance and you will need to check with your mortgage provider too.

  • Go for it, girl, you will enjoy it more than anything you have done in your life, we need more specialist nurseries, keep out the bog standard imported stuff to be found at most garden centres and supermarkets.

    Choose your selected speciality plants carefully, many have been ' done to death '

    Hardy geraniums are good to start with, source the rarer cultivars, then propagate them vegetatively, not many people supply the wonderful psilostemon geraniums, a gorgeous Summer plant, then take seed and propagate them and produce new varieties, you can then name these as Aunt Mary or Uncle Fred, and you will find that true mature gardeners are always looking for ' something different '

    Good Luck !!

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