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B3B3 Posts: 27,018

I have a hemerocallis - the peach coloured one.

It flowered prolifically last year, but this year there is only one flower stem that I can see.

Does it need dividing? It's pretty old. 

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,269

    Hi. It could probably do with dividing to rejuvenate it. They are amazingly tough to dig up - at least mine were - but I do like them.

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  • It is still early, many of mine are not showing any flower stems, and none has quite started flowering. Some have been in for many years without dividing (which would be difficult anyway) but they still produce plenty of flowers.

    As for the "peach coloured one", there are literally thousands of varieties, many of which could be described as peach coloured 

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  • lilysillylilysilly Posts: 511

    I have many hemerocallus and divide them every three years to rejuvenate them and control the clump size. I find the taller broader leaved varieties are more vigorous and need dividing more than the finer leaved shorter varieties. I divide them in spring when they 're a few inches tall, give them a good water the day before and they split easily. Replant with a good shovel full of compost and a generous dose of fbb and they 'll settle well. I also give mine a dose of tomato food at the beginning of May to give them a boost.

  • B3B3 Posts: 27,018

    I'll wait and see what happens. It was here when we moved here in '97 so it's pretty old - like myself! and not as exotic as some I've seen posted on this site - ditto!

    Will follow dividing advice if nothing interesting happens this summer. Thanks for advice chaps.

    In London. Keen but lazy.
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