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What to do with a potato plant

WateryWatery Posts: 388

Fidgitbones kindly and rapidly identified my mystery plant as a potato.  I put a few that sprouted from the compost over there last summer but thought they died.    So now that I have a potato plant, is there anything I should do for it?  Will it be OK to eat?  I think the potatoes came from a massive bag of generic Tesco potatoes.     I'm embarrassed I didn't know what it was. Obviously I've never grown potatoes before.  They always seemed complicated.  image


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 32,175

    It will grow potatoes.I'd just let it get on with it although you can do all the earthing up etc etc. This helps it produce more tubers.

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  • tigerburnietigerburnie Posts: 61

    Bonus, just remember not to eat any green ones as they are poisonous.

  • WateryWatery Posts: 388


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