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Planting Heather

I have some heather that did rather badly this winter in a window box where it got the full force of the cold winds.  It is shooting some lovely new growth and I was considering transplanting it under a tall box hedge (that I struggle to grown anything under), will it be ok there.  Certainly has no prevailing winds and a good bit of sunlight for a period of the day (not all day).  Alas I have no idea of the type of soil it is and if it would be suitable, it's garden soil! (LOL! shows I'm a learner).  Thank you for your time. 


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,226

    Hi Learner Bronnie. I think that as you have struggled to grow things under your box hedge the heather would have little chance of surviving either. If you had a more open space in your garden then the heather may do better there.

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  • donsidedonside Posts: 16

    Water the heather(s) in well, into a fairly deep hole which has been half filled with ericaceous compost. Follow this by covering the near surrounding area with more of the compost. This will help to make or keep the planted area in an acid condition. Heathers are hardy plants Bronnie.image 

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