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Diamond Frost Euphorbia?

Hello all,

Has anyone seen Diamond Frost Euphorbia in a garden centre this year? I know it's available from sarah raven's website but it's £12 plus p&p so hoping to find it locally... (Hampshire / West Sussex).

Here's hoping!



  • Stevo4Stevo4 Posts: 109

    If you really want that plant send for it and enjoy it. Send the OH a card and a kiss for birthday to pay for it and say "look at what I got you for your special day!" Works for meimage

  • old thread here but for next year buy her plug plants - I bought several which was a cheap way of doing it and then grew them on in larger pots ... they have  flowered non stop and are covered in flower right now on my north facing patio in a pot. haven't dared stick them in my clay soil tho am going to try this next year now they are larger plants. came across this post as I was googling how to over winter them ... will continue my search now!

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