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rhubarb leaf problems

jano2jano2 Posts: 5

I planted a new rhubarb patch with several new different plants all of which have grown well. One however has spots like boils on the veins on the underside of the leaves causing the leaves to pucker badly. Has anyone any ideas, I have found nothing on line or in books. I have dug and disposed of the plant just in case. thank you 


  • Is it like rust? Sometimes rhubarb leaves can get this, but you can just pull the stalk and get rid of those effected.

    I've also sometimes had rhubarb stalks emitting sticky sap, which forms globules on the stalks that goes quite hard. This is just sap, that is leaking out when the stalk splits due to irratic growth/watering, and is usually weather related. The plant is still perfectly find and is safe to eat. 

    Could also be related to the rhubarb weavil?

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